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William "Bill" Scharfenberg is Co-Owner and the President of SOS, with responsibility for all service proposals, strategic planning, diversification initiatives, business development, company sales and marketing. He is also the Facility Security Officer and central contact for our clients in contractual matters.

He was previously employed by Johnson Controls World Services at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida, from May 1989 to October 1998 as a Resource Protection Inspector. In this position, he was responsible for scheduling and conducting initial, follow-up and special security surveys of United States Air Force controlled areas/fund storage areas and arms-ammunition and explosive (AA&E) storage areas. These surveys were conducted to insure physical security integrity and to validate and recommend security enhancement. He also performed work area surveys, provided informational handouts and consultation service for the crime prevention program; conducted security education and motivation briefings and crime prevention briefings, analyzed criminal statistical data to include preparation and distribution of monthly trend analysis report.

Mr. Scharfenberg served 22 years in the United States Air Force, ending his career in May of 1989. During his career, he held positions in the Air Force Security Police and First Sergeant career fields as Desk Sergeant, Flight Chief, Investigator, Quality Control Supervisor, Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge (NCOIC) of Report/Analysis, NCOIC Law Enforcement Operations, NCOIC Resources Protection/Crime Prevention, Flight Sergeant for an Air Base Ground Defense Force and First Sergeant responsible for the health/welfare and leadership of a Civil Engineering Squadron consisting of over 350 personnel.

Calvin "Joe" Rementer is Co-Owner and the Corporate Treasurer for SOS He also performs Human Resources duties, assists in managing the security contracts, IT responsibilities and non-duty hour post inspections. He possesses over 20 years of civilian and military security/investigative experience. He is a seasoned manager and investigator with a proven track record.

Employed by Johnson Controls World Services, Mr. Rementer served as Chief, Security Enforcement and provided management for the three (3) security flights during day-to-day, launch and emergency operations. He supervised more than 275 personnel including Supervisors and Union personnel. He composed operating instructions, checklists and plans, and maintained and analyzed a twenty million-dollar budget for the operations department. He reorganized the entire security operation, following a company downsizing, and implemented a viable part-time program to reduce overtime costs.

Mr. Rementer also worked in the capacity as Chief Criminal Investigator. In this role, he investigated all criminal and unusual occurrences on CCAFS and down range annexes, achieving a criminal investigation solve rate that was higher than the national average. He also maintained liaison with federal and local law enforcement agencies, and briefed senior military officials and civilian management personnel on sensitive and criminal statue violations.

Mr. Rementer is a graduate of the University of Delaware, a United States Air Force veteran and a graduate of the arduous Military Police Investigation school at Fort McClellan, Alabama.

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