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Security Operations & Solutions, Inc. can meet all concerns for you by providing highly trained and Department of Defense security officers and a cost-effective security solution for municipalities, city councils, and government authorities.

Security Operations & Solutions, Inc. has provided security guards to the City, County, State and Federal levels of government. We have placed as little as one security officer on a lone site to 45 security officers on a site to manage an effective security operation. Each contract is unique to itself with one common theme; observe and report suspicious activity. No situation is beyond the capabilities of our security officers; whether the assignment is armed, unarmed, in-house or on patrol. Although the majority of Government contracts are in the form of Request for Proposal (bid system), SOS has been awarded security contracts to contain the situation until they are stable enough to be placed out for bid.

"I hired Security Operations & Solutions, Inc. because our former security guard company could not follow written instructions nor comply with established guidelines. SOS assumed control of our security contract and received numerous accolades from senior management officials." Linda ( Government)

Corporate Headquarters

3815 North Hwy. 1, Suite 67
Cocoa, FL. 32926
FAX: 321-632-8898
FL Lic. # B 98-00160




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